Bored to Death .___.

Annyeong chinguya ,

  Okayy. Now it's already 2:15 AM and I am still not asleep. Hmm , sokay. It's Saturday. Hihihi. So , this afternoon , my family and I went to watch movies. We decided to watch 'Momok : Jangan Panggil Aku' , since Justin Bieber's Never Say Never 3D is not available at that mall. *Betul ker ayat aku tuu ? AHH. Lantak lahh. --- Back to the story , it was effin cold in the cinema and I forgot to bring any sweaters or something that could make me feel a lil warm. Act , that movie is a funnyscary movie I guess ? LOL. Because I don't feel scared at all. And the movie is kinda boring actually. End of story ._.


Okayy , I am really shocked when Jojo wrote a post about her beloved blogger bestfriends and I am one of them ! Ahhh. Thank you Jojo. You've made my day. ILOVEYOU maduuu. And yeaa. Of course our love for Kikwang will strong forever :') I could promise you hunn. *Well , eventhough we have other crushes but Kikwang always be #1 in our heart. Rite maduu ?
I think until here , I don't know what to story you guys lagi. Sorry for the short entry. #Byebye.
 P/S : I found this really cute B2ST Scenarios that makes me got Butterfly in my stomach. *But I take only Kiki's part. Hihihi.
--When he catches you staring at him while he's sleeping--
Kikwang : He opens his eyes , sees you and smiles. "The first thing I see in the morning is the most beautiful girl in the world. Yeobo , do you want to sleep with me ? Is that why you were spying on me while I was sleeping ?" He smirks.
My reaction to the scene up there :

This crap written by : Ary